Antique, Edwardian Velvet Waistcoat, Vest - Chest 107 cm

Antique, Edwardian Velvet Waistcoat, Vest - Chest 107 cm

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Antique black cotton velveteen waistcoat or vest has been restored and alterations that made it into a theatre costume have been removed. It has a V neck and the original braid outlines the shape of lapels - it does not have real lapels. Two shaped front pockets are also outlined and trimmed with braid. 

Some alterations including a panel enlarging the back and a mass of gold braid and buttons were removed from the vest. The edges were originally trimmed with the same braid that trims the "lapels" and pockets but it was very badly frayed, and I have bound the outer edges with some antique silk ribbon. The buttons are not original, originally the buttons most likely would have been covered with velvet to match the vest.

The back is a polished cotton and is shaped to an inverted V at the bottom. Lining is striped cotton. It has an adjustable back strap and claw buckle. No labels, custom made. 1910s. 



  • Chest 107 cm (42")
  • Waist 96 cm (38")
  • Length at the back 51 cm (20")
  • Length to the V point at the front 58 cm (23")


Good. The lining is soiled and stained, but it does not smell. The original braid at the "lapels" and pockets is frayed in a few places, see photos. You can see stitch marks along the edges in a few places from where the costuming braid was removed.

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