The 1977 Wedding

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The 1977 Bride

Last week I found this copy of Australian Bride To Be from 1977 amongst a pile of old magazines and patterns I bought from the op shop. Initially, my reaction was "OMG!" and I was going to call this post Amazingly Awful Wedding Gowns, but on second look, I actually like quite a lot of them. They certainly don't compare with the wedding horrors of the 1980s. So this will be more of a thumbs up or thumbs down. Except for the men, they're almost all awful.

Bridal trends in 1977

1. Medieval - especially huge sleeves flared from the elbow, capes, hoods and Juliet caps. Charming when done with some restraint, but often, it's just TOO MUCH.

2. Fur trim - usually on capes, hoods or sleeves.

3. Edwardian - like medieval, it's a case of less is more.

4. HATS! - Big floppy sun hats. NO!

5. Tiered dresses - NO

6. Men - Colored suits, wide lapels, velvet trim, and flares - Hilarious!


I'll start with the positives.

Thumbs Up!

The best pics and funkiest styles come from (no surprise) The House of Merivale. All thumbs up!

House of Merivale, 1977                                                                   

This is the only styling in the magazine that makes a floppy sun hat or a handkerchief dress look good, in my opinion. I just love the 20s themed bride with a boa. And the groom is wonderful.

The House of Merivale, 1977

I'm less keen on these hankie dresses, but she's wearing the only good veil in the mag.

The House of Merivale, 1977                          

I LOVE the chiffon jumpsuit for the bridesmaid, bring it back! And their take on the cape is interesting.

Other looks I found interesting are:

Jean Fox of Parramatta - 1977                               

The fur trimmed hood and sleeves - over the top but awesome.

Deons of Brisbane - 1977                                    

The best of chiffon ruffles - love it!  

Canns - Sydney - 1977                                           

For the bride who wants an alternative to white. Love this look - pleated chiffon cape overlay.

Katies - Sydney - 1977                                           

Classically simple without embellishment - Love the cape.

And it's from Katies!!! Who knew?          


Jane Peel - Melbourne - 1977                              

For the bride who wants a traditional look - the best take on the Juliet cap.

Here's a Jane Peel bridal gown from a few years earlier I have for sale in Louisa Amelia Jane - This time it's Juliet sleeves!

So they're my favorites.

The next list - while I can't actually give these the thumbs up, each has some aspect which I find interesting.

Interesting Bridal Features

Sugar House - Sydney - 1977

The aptly named Sugar House has gowns which I find a bit "tizzy", although I don't mind these with their Edwardian feel. What interests me is the hat, which seems to be a cross between a hat and a veil.

Peppers Bridal Storey - 1977

I like the Edwardian style dress but the hat's just not doing it for me, she looks like the maid. The groom looks great, the only one to do so in the whole magazine.

 I can't find the salon responsible for this interesting take on the bridal veil, but I love the pic!

I like the Jacques Heim dress, but crochet dangles in the hair? Reminds me of a Christmas tree.

Sugar House - Sydney, 1977

Red satin flares and shirt were an interesting alternative to the white wedding.

 Anna Marie & Mr John Formal Hire - 1977

While I find this totally over the top there's just something about THOSE SLEEVES that I can't resist. Hate the hat though.

Thumbs Down

I have to start with the men. They're 99% awful.

Ha ha!                                                                  

Socialwear Wedding Hire - 1977               


Dress Circle - 1977                                   

All I can say is, these outfits would be the ultimate test of a man's love!

 Anna Marie & Mr John Formal Hire - 1977         

The color is more sedate, but it's still awful. The medieval bride is about to be swallowed by her sleeves.

 Family Florist - Bathurst - 1977                         

Just no, no and no. Park Avenue, bottom right, has a bit more charm.

Bridal Penthouse - Brisbane - 1977                    

They stole this from the church vestments.

 Bridal Penthouse - Brisbane - 1977                       

Left: Jersey two piece of awfulness, and right just tizzy yuk.

Canns - Sydney - 1977                                   

What can I say?

Rose Marie Bridal Boutique - Toowamba NSW - 1977  

Canns - Sydney - 1977                                       

Those floppy hats and parasols are doing my head in.



And just in case you've ever wondered what wedding invitations looked like in 1977, here's an example:

I was actually married about 18 months after this magazine came out.

January 1979

I chose a two piece Edwardian style lace number with tiered skirt. I think I made a wise decision to have flowers in my hair and forego both the traditional veil and fashionable floppy hat.

I still have the blouse but I switched the husband.

Now it's a styling prop.

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  • Peta

    Hi, your post has brought back memories. I was married 1975 in country Victoria and my Victorian lace gown came from Jane Peel fashions Swanston St Melbourne. My bridesmaids gowns were from The House of Merivale and Mr John, maxi Aqua jersey rufflled neckline with tiered skirt and yes white floppy hats with long bows. Twas a big deal for a country girl to go to the city back then. My younger sister hated her hat!

  • Di

    45th wedding anniversary tomorrow – got wedding outfit out and photographed it. If you wish to see it can send via email. Cheers Di

  • Rhonda

    I too still have my house of merrivale and mr John wedding dress fine satin Victorian style with long sleeve with lace and lace front from the 70’s and a Prue Acton suit from the 70,s both in perfect condition

  • Joanne

    Wow! I wish I could see a photo of your Merivale outfit.

  • DI

    Hi, Came across your site when trying to value my wedding outfit from Merivale and Mr John – like you I loved their clothes and store in Melbourne but in the 1970’s. I married in 1976 in a long cream satin skirt and 3/4 length chinese style top with a circle of frangipani in my long black hair. I still have the outfit in a box.

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