Louisa Amelia Jane Vintage

Hello! I'm  Joanne Thompson and I run Louisa Amelia Jane Vintage. I work from my home on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. I selectively buy and sell vintage fashion items from Victorian times up to the best of the 1970s and 1980s.

Why I love vintage clothing

Clothes With History

1. Vintage clothes have a history, a whole other secret life, sometimes several lives, before they come to me. I love a girl with a bit of history.

One of a Kind Clothing

2. Vintage garments are generally one of a kind. When I wear a vintage garment I don't worry that anyone else may be wearing the same thing. They allow me to express my individuality in original and creative ways. Personally, I love to mix and match the best of vintage and modern pieces.

Quality Clothing

3. I love the quality of vintage pieces. The fabric and means of construction are usually superior to mass produced contemporary garments.

Environmentally Friendly Clothing

4. I worry about the impact that modern cheap, throw away clothing has on the environment. I am passionate about recycling. I try to buy as little new clothing as possible.

Repaired and Restored Clothing

5. I am having a wonderful time restoring old garments to wearable treasures. It's a great feeling to breathe new life into a neglected beauty. Sometimes it may only be sewing on a couple of buttons, but others can be major projects.

Historically Accurate Clothing

6. Researching the history of these garments  is fascinating. A little research can tell you how old a garment is by following all the clues - label, style, fabric, construction techniques etc. Also, how to tell original from reproduction garments.

Special Clothing For Special People

7. There's nothing like a beautiful vintage garment to make one feel special. I like to pass on this feeling, and I hope that my customers feel special when they receive and wear vintage items from Louisa Amelia Jane.

Vintage Fashion Community

8. The vintage fashion community is full of interesting, generous and knowledgeable individuals and it's great to be a part of this world.



I also have an Etsy store for vintage fashion - Louisa Amelia Jane on Etsy and an Etsy store for vintage menswear - Sir Salvage.