Pass the Vodka Please

I have written before sharing my tips for cleaning and caring for your vintage clothing, available as a Resource page on this website. I have now made the information available also as a free pdf. file to download HERE. You will need to create a Dopbox account if you don't already have one.

In addition, I would like to share my latest cleaning discovery. Vodka. Not just to drink when the laundry list gets too long for your liking, or to cope with lockdown fever.

Having bought some vodka to try a tip I had read for removing body odor smells, I had some on hand. I did not have any success with using it to eliminate BO on vintage clothing. However, I was looking for something to remove white mildew stains from a black coat. I had used both vinegar and lemon juice for this job in the past, and they both removed the mildew, but I ended up with faded patches on the black fabric. I didn't want to risk this happening again, so I was after a new idea. The vodka worked very effectively and left no mark or smell on the garment. Encouraged by this, I have since used it very effectively to remove other random spots from garments. It's now my favorite go to spot cleaner. 

In my very unscientific way, I deduce that vodka must be basically dry cleaning spirit. No way I'm drinking it, I'm sticking to the wine.

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  • Jayne

    What a great tip! Thank you.

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