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I thought I'd share with you some of my tiny treasures. One of the great things about buying and selling vintage fashion items is that so many little gems come my way that I just cannot part with. After all, they don't take up much space, and they are delightful. Here are some little things from my personal collection.

1920s cosmetics lip gloss vintage fashion

1920s Lip Gloss

This little gem was a free gift that came with another item I bought. The dome shaped lid unscrews to reveal a finger tip sized pot of lip gloss. There is still some left, and it smells lovely, though I am not game to use it. Here is the label underneath:

The term "Concreta" worries me, probably why I am not brave to use it.

This little bundle contains ten packets of sewing needles, each containing ten needles. I could hardly hold one of the needles, let alone sew with it. Each is wrapped in a pack of black paper to prevent rust. Each packet measures 3 x 1.5 cm.

antique vintage sewing needles princess victoria

Antique sewing needles

The brand is Prinzess Victoria. Not sure if this is a reference to Queen Victoria when young, or to her eldest daughter, or neither.

This is a much more personal piece, being a part of my own family history. I am the current custodian of this family heirloom. It's a Victorian mourning locket. It contains a window to show a photo of the deceased loved one - this one has a window front and back and has three photos in it.

victorian mourning locket with pearls

Victorian mourning locket

This is a photo of Henry Thompson, my great-great uncle, who was killed at Ypres, Belgium, in World War I. He is only 10 or 11 in the photo, as his mother loved to remember him. Inside are two locks of hair. I wonder whether his mother thought to cut a lock before he went off to war. So sad.

victorian mourning locket

 This little tin, only 3.5 cm in diameter, holds some handy Victorian boot buttons. Should I ever be fortunate enough to own some Victorian boots and they happen to be missing a button or two, I will have just the right thing.

Victorian Boot Buttons

The little lady riding side saddle came to me from my grandfather. It's lead, and it would have been a toy in its day, it's about 8 x 8 cm. The arm holding the riding crop moves up and down.

lead lady on a horse antique toys

Toy Riding Lady

I'm a bit concerned about lead being used for toys, but I guess they didn't know the health risks.

These knitting pins would have been used to knit lace. There are five in the set.

vintage super fine fairy knitting needles for lace making

Lace Knitting pins

 Not for my eyes.

This very old hat pin was given to me by a neighbor who knows my love for vintage.

Edwardian or 1920s hat pin terracotta

Antique Terracotta Hat Pin

The shell at the end appears to be made of unfired terracotta, and it's quite fragile, so I decided to keep it. The little bead is marbled glass. If you have any ideas on the era of this hat pin I would love to hear from you. I can only say 1920s or older.

Of more recent vintage and very special to me are my father's cuff links, commemorating the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. If only all vintage was so easy to date.

cuff links melbourne olympic games 1956

Melbourne Olympic Games Cuff Links

I will give these to my son one day, but I'm not finished with them yet. Look at the photos of men's shirts with french cuffs in my store - you will see these cuff links. 

So, just a little glimpse at some of my bits and pieces. These are not for sale, except for the shell hat pin. I am open to offers on that one.


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