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I recently acquired a number of items from the estate of the late great Australian actor Charles "Bud" Tingwell , (1923-2009).

Always known as Bud, his acting career began in 1939, and after a break of a few years that saw Tingwell serve in World War 2, it was resumed in 1946.

Air Force Days


Tingwell appeared in more than 60 movies and 20 television shows. He moved to the UK in the late 1950s where he appeared in many British productions, including playing the role of Inspector Craddock in Murder, She Said (1961) and three other Agatha Christie classics, as well as numerous films and TV appearances in the 1960s.

Dracula (1966)


He returned to Australia in 1973 and appeared in the long running police series Homicide, as well as in the The Sullivans, during the 1970s.

At right - Homicide (1973-1976)


His movie appearances included Australian classics such as The Shiralee (1957), Breaker Morant (1980), Puberty Blues (1981), Evil Angels (1988) and The Castle (1997)

At right - Breaker Morant (1980)


Centre - The Castle (1997)


He was awarded the Order of Australia in 1999 and after his death in 2009 he was farewelled with a state funeral.

Bud was also a dapper dresser. Several of the pieces I have date to the period when he lived in the UK and ordered bespoke suits at London tailors. Most of the items are a size 42 short, give or take a cm.

Double-breasted Dinner Suit (1958) - See it here



I just love it when I find a label like this, bearing not only the owner's name, but the date at which he bought it. If only all vintage clothing was so helpful.

HEAVY wool overcoat for those London winters - See it here

Top brand

This one has a definite Mod feel - Very 1960s - See details here

And it's Italian

Back to Melbourne now, it's the 1970s, but no flares in sight for Bud. He's shopping at the classic Australian menswear store - Peter Jackson. See it here.

This dinner suit is showing a little '70s style though. See it here

With fancy figured lapels.

It's unusual to find a double-breasted jacket with notched lapels rather than the regular peaked lapels. This number from the now defunct department store Ball & Welch in Melbourne, has a few darns but is looking great.

Another Australian classic here from the late '70s - See it here

Fletcher Jones - another Australian institution

And another obligingly informative label

Beautiful 1970s navy pin-striped suit - See it here

 There are a few more pieces that I have put aside for repairs, so will post at a later date. Watch out for these items hitting the menswear department, aka Sir Salvage, over the next few weeks.

Contact me for information about any of these items.

Vintage Menswear



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