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A preview  - Lots more is yet to be photographed and listed.

Over the last year or so I have gradually been acquiring a large private collection of American lingerie. As the interstate owners could manage sorting through their collection, laundering it, and saying goodbye to it, they mailed it to me in bundles over several months.

This magnificent negligee reminds me of an Edwardian tea gown, but just a bit more see through (:

Mr and Mrs M. have been collecting American nylon negligees, peignoirs and babydolls over the decades and are now downsizing, so regrettably they decided to part with their collection. Mr M. says he started collecting vintage lingerie because modern lingerie was unattractive and unappealing.  My task is to find good homes for all their treasured items. The lingerie dates from the 1950s to the 1990s. All of it is nylon, most of it is lacy and totally sheer. 

One of the older pieces in the collection, from the 1950s

Mr and Mrs M. bought most of the pieces separately from a variety of vintage stores. Some of the more recent pieces were bought new. Mrs M. has worn most of it, much to the delight of Mr M. 

Because this collection came from one owner/wearer, it's all the same size - a generous medium. However most of the pieces can also be worn smaller or larger due to the style. 

Pretty pink negligee

Nylon was invented in 1927 but was not commercially available until the 1940s, when it was immediately requisitioned for military use during the war, mostly for the manufacture of parachutes. It was anticipated that nylon would replace silk, being stronger and cheaper to produce. It certainly replaced silk stockings after the war. Nylon clothing began to appear in the late 1940s but clothing was still rationed in the UK and Australia as late as the early 1950s and nylon items from this period are scarce. Nylon was extremely popular for lingerie and sleepwear during the 1950s and 1960s. It was much easier to launder than silk or rayon, it's predecessors, and did not require ironing! A godsend for the 1950s housewife. One negative aspect of nylon is that it is highly inflammable and largely for that reason it has been superseded by polyester. 

Coffee coloured peignoir by Intimé - SOLD

In Australia, we tend to call a sheer and sexy boudoir gown a negligee.  In the US, a sheer and sexy front fastening robe is called a peignoir. I'm using the terms interchangeably here, tending towards peignoir if it opens down the front. A number of these gowns and robes appear to have been worn as sets, even though technically, they do not exactly match because they have different brands or lace trims. 

It's going to take me a while to photograph and list all of these, many not yet shown here for that reason. So watch this space - Lingerie


Negligees & Peignoirs


Black negligee with train - SOLD

 Beautiful sleeves on this 1960s peignoir


Pink peignoir by Ro-Vel of California

Dark Red Robe

Fredericks of Hollywood were inspired by old school glamour for this peignoir - SOLD

The sleeves! From Sakowitz Department Store

Dead stock white peignoir with pink ribbons by Val Mode

Two piece red set


Sheer shell pink robe

I called this one a Goddess gown. It just pulls over the head, with slit sleeves falling from the shoulders. A 1980s Canadian piece by Cahill - SOLD


1960s Aqua Peignoir With Ecru Lace - SOLD

This gown by Tosca is the most fabulous green. It snaps closed at the side neck. Shoulders are exposed.

Pretty Aqua peignoir by Elissia - SOLD

Fabulous sleeves on the '70s number by Deena - SOLD

1990s Robe with lacy sleeve headers and pointed sleeves from Frederick's of Hollywood


I got the impression that Mr and Mrs M.'s collection of babydolls was the hardest for them to part with. I can see why.

Tosca babydoll, matched with lacy bikini panties - SOLD

Heart to Heart Sleepthings - SOLD

And the robe

Blue Babydoll

A bit longer, but I think this still qualifies as a babydoll - SOLD

1980s mini robe by Barbizon

Pink Mini Robe by Miss Elaine

Nightgowns & Boudoir Gowns

Hot Pink Nightgown

Many of the 1960s gowns have eyelet holes in the side seams beneath the bust where a tie could have been used. Most of the ties has been lost but this gown still has one. You tie it in a number of ways. I've gone for the Grecian look here.

Ice Blue 1960s Nightie - SOLD

Crimson Nightgown - SOLD

Red '60s Gown, sold with nearly matching peignoir


Long Pink Nightgown - SOLD


Aqua Mini Set

Long Blue Nightgown - SOLD

Cute '90s piece by Fredericks of Hollywood, has a matching robe - SOLD

Sheer black negligee

Well, there you are. I managed to get through the whole post without using the word sexy - Oops!



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